Staff – Tim Gammons

General Manager

Tim Gammons

Tim Gammons
General Manager

Tell us about your role:
I am the General Manager overseeing day to day operations at Coltivare. I focus on the quality of service being provided to our customers and on increasing the overall volume of restaurant traffic.

How did you come to join the Coltivare team?
I come to Coltivare from many years in the industry. After working at a wide range of restaurants, hotels and bars in the Ithaca area, I decided that I wanted to help people grow and understand their potential in an educational setting. This desire lead me to the General Manager position at Coltivare, and to the TC3 community.

Why Coltivare?
I picked Coltivare because of the educational aspect of the restaurant. While it presents certain challenges, I also find it interesting and fulfilling. Being able to pass on information and lessons to a future generation of restaurateurs and hospitality workers is what I’ve always wanted to do. I believe that I can provide a wealth of information hard-earned from my own career experience.

Favorite feature of the Finger Lakes region?
My favorite feature of the Finger Lakes region are its gorges, lakes and rivers (more specifically, I’m a water bug). I’ve always grown up around water, hailing from the Boston area and visiting Cape Cod every year. I love the power and serenity that comes with water. It’s inspiring that something so “every day” can change the face of the earth.

Favorite kind of food?
It’s impossible to narrow to one, but I would have to say pizza, wings or chicken parmesan dinner are the top three.