Staff – Sue Stafford

Hospitality Programs Chair

Sue Stafford

Sue Stafford
Chair of the Hotel and Restaurant Management and
Wine Marketing Programs. Co-Chair Sustainable Farming and Food Systems
607.844.8222 Ext. 4456

Tell us about your role: As the Chair of the Hospitality Programs at Tompkins Cortland Community College, I have the privilege of working with every aspect of the education and operation at Coltivare. I help our students pursue their career goals in hospitality & tourism, food management, event planning, and beverage studies!

How did you come to join the Coltivare Team? I have been part of Coltivare before there was a Coltivare! As Chair of the Hospitality Programming at Tompkins Cortland Community College over the past 8 years, and faculty member since 2003, I traveled globally to explore and examine the possibility of an educational center where higher education could intersect with community and professional industry service, providing a best practice operation for students to explore their hospitality interests. The innovation of our college leadership, along with support from our advisory members and community made our dream come true when Coltivare opened in December of 2014.

Why Coltivare? Coltivare means “cultivate” in Italian. In naming Coltivare, we envisioned a place that respected the food and beverages that comes from our local region; prepared with passion and appreciated by those who gathered to share it. Our name captures that spirit, that passion which comes from appreciating real food and sharing. At Tompkins Cortland Community College, our students are a part of that entire food system. The earth is cultivated on our own organic teaching farm, and at Coltivare, we cultivate the potential and talents of our hospitality students as we cultivate friendships among our community and our guests. What could be better? I had to be a part of that! THAT is my passion as an educator and true hospitalian!

Favorite kind of Food? Slow comfort food made with fresh ingredients and prepared with love!