Staff – Jason Sidle

Director of Operations

Jason Sidle

Jason Sidle
Director of Operations

Tell us about your role:
In my role as Director of Operations, I work to assist and support my leadership team and our staff in any way I can. I set the direction of Coltivare’s the path. I develop an environment that is focused on teamwork and professionalism, and one that is service-minded and educationally-driven. I work with our students, staff and leadership team to provide the best educational experience we can offer. I also work closely with members of the Executive Council at the college to promote Coltivare’s educational mission while growing the retail side of the culinary center and growing enrollment in the four hospitality programs that we support.

How did you come to join the Coltivare team?
I am a graduate of the Tompkins Cortland Hotel and Restaurant Management program. From there I went on to earn my Bachelors from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Hotel and Resort Management, just a few years ago completing my MBA through the University of Phoenix. Prior to Coltivare I worked for several large hotel companies such as Marriott and Hilton, and before to coming to work at Coltivare I was General Manager of another local restaurant, and was thinking of going into teaching at the college level. At that time I heard of this new place opening that was going to be part school, and part retail operation. It seemed like a perfect fit with my educational background as well as my professional experience. So I applied and was hired to be the General Manager of that restaurant (Coltivare!) and then just 14 months later I was promoted to be the Director of Operations. I have held that role ever since.

Why Coltivare?
I wanted to work at Coltivare because of the relationship being explored between education and “real life.” I have always been drawn to teaching. I have also always enjoyed the atmosphere of the hospitality industry. When the opportunity opened up to work within a restaurant and also have the opportunity to shape the lives of the students attending the school in such a positive way, I couldn’t resist.

Favorite feature of the Finger Lakes region?
The water, the waterfalls and the gorges. I grew up in Ithaca, so I have probably swam in just about every gorge, waterfall, and swimming hole around the area. This is the one feature I have always loved, and still love it to this day.

Favorite kind of food?
My favorite food is Cheesecake. To me there is nothing better than a homemade cheesecake.