Happening – Mixology Class

Come to Coltivare to learn about mixology with our Front of House Manager, Paul Stelmack. Paul has been in the beverage business for over a decade, and with 6 years as a mixologist proper, he has really taken mixology to the next level! Join us to learn about the history of cocktails, how to make them, and what flavors pair well together. We will discuss the use of bitters, syrups and flavor infusions, and how to create your very own bitters and syrups at home! Learn some of the finer points of making legendary cocktails, as well as some newer, more modern techniques including the use of Paul’s Ice Maker which is able to make spherical ice cubes.

The cost is $49 for the whole two and a half hour class plus tastings.

You must be 21 years of age to participate in tastings. Photo identification is required.

This class is offered in partnership with Tompkins Cortland Community College Biz. Please register for the course through the Biz website at

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